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Free yourself from the feeling of separation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We are fascinated by the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Some say that our fascination with it comes from the fact that the Grand Canyon reflects to us our inner sense of being separate from others. Our own feeling of separation. At our core, we humans are social beings, and we need human interaction and connection.

However, modern life is fast-paced and although we receive a lot of stimuli daily, perhaps even too much, we feel empty and fall into a vicious cycle of doing more to fill that feeling. We are surrounded by people but struggle to have healthy and fulfilling relationships. Kind of like the phrase "Alone together".

What if the initial separation was that we separated from ourselves first. Too often I plan a life of responsibilities whether they are job related, family related, or social circle related. Although fun, I forget the important thing, which is to take care of my overall health and live a life I enjoy and don't need a vacation from.

I often hear my clients say, "I don't even know what I want in life anymore". Others say, "I only know what I don't want anymore". Knowing what you don't want anymore is a good start because it allows you to set healthy boundaries.

What if you allowed yourself to begin a process of change by first taking care to reconnect to your inner self. You will be able to realign all the components of your being, i.e., body-heart-spirit and reharmonize your energies to finally put yourself as a priority in your life.

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