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Hélène Goulet -
Croissance personnelle
et communication animale

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My personal growth and animal communication services website offers a unique space to explore and develop your personal potential, as well as to establish a deep connection with your animal companion.

Whether you want to overcome personal challenges, improve your relationships, find a balance between your personal and professional life, or explore your connection with animals, our platform offers a variety of workshops, trainings, individual consultations, and downloadable resources to meet your unique needs.

When it comes to animal communication, I firmly believe that every living thing has a voice and deserves to be heard. I can help you establish a deep bond with your animal, understanding its needs and messages.

For your pets, I offer consultations in my Human-Animal section. You can make an appointment for animal communication, energy healing and, in the summer, some workshops with horses in collaboration with Ecurie Shamanica.

How does animal communication work?
1. Animals sense the world in the form of energies
2.Pets are strongly linked to their human guardians, and may express behaviors or discomforts that are related to us.
3. It is possible to communicate with them in order to understand what they are trying to express.

My services offer a combination of animal communication and energy healing.

main humaine chien à l'extérieur

Whether in your professional or personal life, everyone has reasons for wanting to improve. I'm here to accompany you and help you draw up a list of what you want to improve in your life and your current priorities. 

We'll use the power of inspiration and positive emotions to bring about the change and creation you desire. I'm committed to helping you create a future of well-being.

My programs are strategically designed to provide clients with reliable, concrete solutions. I offer personalized personal growth coaching programs, as well as group workshops and training sessions.


The goal of my coaching is to establish your priorities to achieve well-being or change in your life. Hélène Goulet - Personal Growth provides you with the guidance and tools you need to create your new life. Find out more by exploring the site.

Guided meditations and downloadable resources

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Why work with a personal development coach?

Dare to change to create a life that fulfils you. Change means learning new skills and unlearn old ones that no longer serves you.
Saying goodbye to habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you is possible. With my guidance, you'll find the tools to bring about positive change in your life. Say YES to a life that's right for you.

Why take an interest in both animal communication and personal development?

Personal development is first and foremost a commitment to oneself. It requires an investment of time and energy.

Our pets are very much a part of our lives; you could say they're on a mission with us in their lives.

Our pets see and feel not only the situations in our lives, but also the unspoken.

Animal communication is often more than just a curiosity, it's the start of a process of self-improvement.

My personal growth and animal communication services website is your ultimate destination for exploring and developing your personal potential, while establishing an authentic and enriching connection with the animal kingdom. Join our unique community and let us guide you on your path of personal growth and discovery. Feel free to browse.

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