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Aligning your being

Modern life goes fast. Between work and our daily life, the time to take care of ourself is becoming rare.  We find ourselves preferring to have and do then to be.

At a certain point something in us demands to be more connected to our being. More in tune with our inner voice. 

My approach teaches you technique and tools to come back to your essence. To listen to your inner voice. A great start is harmonizing your energy centers. Wellness is our natural state and it is important to find it by learning to take care of our body, our emotional needs and our inner self. 

My method allows you to:

Harmonize your energy centers:
Chakra harmonization is an ancient practice that aims to balance and align the energy centers in our body. Each chakra is associated with a specific part of our being, and when these chakras are out of balance, this can lead to physical, mental and emotional health problems. By working on the harmonization of these energy centers, we can restore balance to our bodies and feel more in harmony with ourselves.

Balance between the left and right brain:
The balance between left and right brain is also crucial to our well-being. The left brain is responsible for logic, analysis, and rational thinking, while the right brain is associated with intuition, creativity and holistic awareness. By developing these two aspects of our brain, we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Coherence between our 3 brains:
Coherence between the three brains - cerebral, cardiac and intestinal - is also essential to our overall well-being. In our modern society, we often place too much emphasis on logic and rational thought, neglecting the sensations and feelings that come from the heart and intestines. By developing and balancing these three brains, we can make decisions that are fairer and more in line with our inner being.

In brief, harmonizing our energies means reconnecting with our inner being and taking care of our body, emotions and mind. By working on the harmonization of the chakras, the balance between left and right brain, and the coherence between the three brains, we can regain our natural state of well-being and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves. It's an ongoing process that takes time and commitment, but the benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health are well worth the effort.

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