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Human - Animal

Animals are conscious, sensitive beings. Our domestic companions experience their incarnations as closely linked to us.

Our 4-legged companions share their wisdom with us for their evolution and ours. They teach us how to learn and evolve. They also help to liberate us and enable us to resolve experiences.

Why pet-related services?

Hélène has always loved animals. From an early age, she wanted to work with and help animals. Now as an adult, and especially for the past 5 years, Hélène helps animals through animal communication and energy healing.

Since her teens, Hélène has been accompanied on her life's journey by her cats. About ten years ago, she was introduced to the wonderful world of horses. First taking part in equine wellness workshops (particularly at Écurie Shamanica), she then became the owner of rescued horses.

Over the years, her life companions have taught her a great deal and have been wonderful guides on her path. The clearest in her teaching was Cocotte, a Persian cat affectionately nicknamed "Buddha" for her great wisdom and high standards. Her second cat, Kava, brought her another side of her nature: joie de vivre, astonishment and spontaneity. The presence of the two together gave him a balance between wisdom and seeing life as a game that should be happy and joyful.

Why animal communication and energy healing?

Having always been fascinated by the beauty of nature and the intelligence of its cycles, Hélène studied biology and worked in the medical field for two decades. She gradually became interested in alternative methods of well-being, such as animal communication and energy healing.


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