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Animal Communication

For a long time, humans did not consider animals at their fair value. Even in the law, they were considered chattel. That says a lot about our perception. Things are changing for the better, and humans are waking up to the fact that our animal companions are conscious, sentient beings. More and more people regard their pets as members of their family, giving them the same attention and affection as other human beings. Animal communication is one way of better understanding their needs.

Chat et travail

How do animals communicate?

We only need to observe domesticated animals and those in the wild to see that animals use a sophisticated system of communication between themselves and between species. To humans, this communication appears invisible, which we mistake for non-existent. Yet communication is very real, but based on energy, vibration and sound.


We could see this as the way animals communicate, using the universal language of LOVE. What's more, scientific research clearly demonstrates the presence of consciousness in animals. They are self-aware and sensitive.

In human terms, we would define their mode of communication as telepathy. And what's more, we too can communicate with them in a similar way. It is then possible to communicate with an animal at the request of its human companion to understand certain actions, their reactions and perhaps their point of view. This can lead to solutions for the human, and possibly a certain mirror effect.

helene goulet - communication animale - chat humaine (1).jpg
helene goulet - communication animale - chat humaine (1).jpg

What are the benefits of animal communication?

Animal communication enables the human guardian to connect in a deeper, more intimate way with their animal companion. Through this communication we discover even more how noble, intelligent and sensitive animals are. Equally important, we discover that our animals have a wisdom and knowledge of life that differs from our own, and that they are willing to share with us.

When we begin a process of conscious communication with our animal, we discover the love and compassion they have for their human. We can then deepen our relationship and understanding of our four-legged companion. This enables us to understand if they're expressing discomfort, and to contribute to their well-being through communication.

Animal communication can be seen as a spiritual tool for animal lovers. It's a two-way dialogue using the Theta method and Universal energy. It brings you both a better knowledge of your animal and to this knowledge becomes a tool for you.

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