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Energy treatments

In the field of animal communication and energetic care for animals, there are different approaches and techniques used.

*It's important to emphasize that these techniques in no way replace veterinary care. It is essential to consult a veterinarian if your pet has health problems.

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Why an energy treatment for your pet?

Animal communication is the practice of establishing a telepathic connection with an animal and receiving information about its emotional state, needs or concerns. This communication can take place at a distance or in the animal's presence. Hélène communicates intuitively with your animals, receiving images, feelings or messages from them.

Energy treatments for animals can be used to relieve energy blockages or imbalances in the animal. These treatments come from holistic methods, which state that all living beings possess an energy field that can be influenced by trauma, emotions or environmental disturbances. Practitioners use techniques such as energy healing to rebalance the animal's energy field and promote its well-being.

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What happens during an energy treatment?

The results of animal communication or energy healing sessions can vary from one individual to another, and some may be more receptive to these approaches than others.

Animals, like humans, are unique, and have their own perception of reality as well as their own way of communicating. As animals don't communicate in words, they will often express themselves through their actions or behaviors. Too often in the fast-paced modern world, we avoid seeing and can't identify the cause.

When the session is done remotely, I communicate with your pet with your permission, his name, age and a photo. Communication will only take place if your pet agrees.

I work with the Creator's energy to address your pet's sharing and transmit the information to you so you can understand the energies at play.

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