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Helene Goulet-Communication animale

Hélène Goulet -
Personal development and animal communication.

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FAQ - Animal communication

For your animals, we offer consultations in my Human-Animal section. You can make an appointment for animal communication, energetic treatments and during the summer some workshops with horses in collaboration with écurie Shamanica.

What are the main pillars of animal communication?

  1. Animals are conscious and sensitive beings.

  2. Communication between beings exists and is non-local.

  3. Our pets perceive the world through their own energetic perception.

  4. Their perceptions are expressed through behaviors that are often mirror images of their human companion.

Why would you want to communicate with your pet?

  1. Animals understand the world by feeling the world energetically through their heart and unconditional love for their human. 

  2. Often their behavior expresses a situation or discomfort.  Can we hear them?

  3. It is possible to communicate with them and learn more. Are you curious? Contact me to find out more.

What connections can be made between animal communication and personal development?

  1. The opening to communication is initially an opening to ourselves.

  2. Our furry companions are present in our everyday life. They observe us and feel our energies since we are in deep connection with them.

  3. The expression "My animal, my mirror" takes on its full meaning here because our animals will often reflect to us through their behavior a situation that we are not fully aware of.

  4. It is the starting point of a self-discovery.

If you feel that your animal companion is trying to communicate with you through his behaviors, an animal communication can bring you answers that will apply to you as well as to his behavior. To discover this Universe, do not hesitate to contact me.

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