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Life transitions

The only thing constant in Life is change. Yet we find it difficult in our lives to live through small or big changes such as the end of a cycle, a move, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job. We then become resistant rather than going with the flow.

Conscious exploration of passages:

The conscious exploration of passages is an effective method to go through these periods in a spirit of letting go and detachment and consists of contemporary Rites of Passage of the Samsarah method to accompany you through the transitions of your life. This method helps you to let go of the old to make room for the new in your life.

Rites of passage are symbolic moments that mark the passage from one stage of life to another. They are present in many cultures around the world, and are considered essential to enable individuals to live these transitions to the full.

In the Samsarah method, these rites of passage are adapted to our contemporary society and can be used for different types of transitions. Whether it's the end of a relationship, a major professional change or more, rites of passage will help you reconnect with yourself and embrace change in a positive way.

One of the main aims of rites of passage is to let go of old beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us, in order to create room for new possibilities and new beginnings. By letting go of the old, we can free ourselves of emotional and mental baggage that can hinder our personal growth.


The various stages of rites of passage often include moments of reflection, release, celebration and transformation. They can include rituals such as writing a parting letter to say good-bye to the former life stage, guided meditations to connect to one's inner wisdom, techniques for releasing limiting beliefs, and many other practices.

It's important to note that rites of passage are not a miracle solution that will solve all of life's problems. Rather, they are tools to help us move through transitions with greater awareness, acceptance and ease.


In conclusion, life's transitions are inevitable and can be a source of stress and anxiety. Rites of passage offer a way to get through these periods of change with greater grace and serenity. By connecting with ancestral practices and adapting them to our modern reality, we can find precious support and guidance to accompany us through all the changes in our lives.

Accompaniment at end of life

The end of life is the transition, the ultimate passage of Life. In our society, death is delayed, hidden and we have difficulty accepting it. However, like any other stage, it is part of the earthly existence.


To help let go of resistance, this accompaniment listens to the person with exercises and meditation on themes such as forgiveness, detachment, resentment.

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