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Live the life of your dreams

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Zion mountains
Live the life of your dreams

During a trip with a friend, we visited some national parks in Utah. On the schedule, several hikes in places each one more magnificent than the other. When we arrived in Zion, it was raining, and the trails were slippery. It is impossible for us to do the hike in these conditions.

We were disappointed at first, then the guide explained to us that this rain occurs only every 10 years. It is this rare rain that gives Life to the vegetation to create the Oasis in the middle of the deserts of Utah.

It was an excellent reminder that sometimes in our lives we go through periods that appear to be stagnant, that nothing is happening. Yet it is in these stages of life that we prepare ourselves and integrate the forces necessary for the renewal to come. It is enabling you to live the life of your dreams. Like the rain that is essential to the life of the Oasis.

Our self-sabotage or limiting beliefs come to the surface during these periods and make us doubt the validity of our approach and our success in creating the winning conditions. It is important to keep our focus when we go through cloudy or dark periods because they are the seeds that will later nourish the Oasis or our dream.

My coaching helps to establish your goals and to work on identifying limiting beliefs and blockages that prevent you from creating the life you aspire to.


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