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The inner prison

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Feet of a person in chains
The inner prison

Several years ago, I visited the mythical prison of Alcatraz. Sometimes in our life, and it happened to me, we build ourselves a nice golden cage. This cage is comfortable, safe. But it can become the walls of our inner prison. We become prisoners of our expectations and our judgments about the world and prisoners of what others expect from us. We forget ourselves to conform to the expectations of our work, our family, and our friends. We are trapped in the comfort zone.

Then gradually our little inner voice becomes more and more insistent! What do you really want? What do you long for? What do you like to do that makes you vibrate and forget time? The simple fact of asking ourselves questions can lead us to feel anxiety... or what we perceive as anxiety. If we change our perception, we can also see the feeling we associate with anxiety as excitement! The excitement of what we will create in the future. Change happens when we allow ourselves to go to the edge of our comfort zone, building our self-confidence and trust in our future.

When I began my personal change process, I was still concerned about what my family, friends, and colleagues would think. I learned to navigate change for myself first.

If this sounds like you, I offer personal growth services and my program for moving towards your dream life is "Methods of Transformation and Creation".

Contact me if you want to start your process to reinvent your life and change your inner and outer world.


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