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Life transitions

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Sometimes changes in our lives can shake us up or even knock us off course. These changes can take the form of the death of a loved one, a separation, a move, or a change in job. In fact, situations that take us from one stage of our lives to another and that are often accompanied by the loss of our reference points.

Not so long ago, society proposed rituals to help the person living an important transition in life. For example, the grieving person would dress in black for about a year. This was a visible ritual that indicated to this person and to those around him or her that he or she was going through an important passage in life.

Most rituals have practically disappeared as if modern life was moving too fast for us to take the time to recognize, identify, name, and accept these moments of passage. And specially to take the time to integrate the emotions, experiences and wisdom gained during this transition.

When we take the time to go through these stages, we can see the opportunities offered by the transition. In fact, every upheaval in our lives is in fact a mourning of what was and what is no longer. Elisabeth Kubler Ross described 5 stages of grief. Since then, the literature recognizes these stages but that there are others depending on the situation.

Once we accept that change is initiated by the possibility of a new beginning, we can be excited about the new opportunities ahead. The end of something becomes positive as it creates the space for a new beginning.

In these cases, we are called to reinvent who we are. This brings us to the edge of our comfort zone. Although perceived as uncomfortable, this is where opportunities for growth and fulfillment arise. Among the methods I use, the Samsarah method consists of the conscious exploration of passages and will allow you to navigate these periods with greater ease.

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Life transition

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